Frequently asked questions

Q. What is the difference between an A grade and  a B grade pin?
A grade- Is a pin that will be as close to the best quality possible! When looking at the face of the pin there will be little to no issues. Please note that these are hand made and flaws will occur occasionally. Flaws including minor scratches, small flaws in plating, small specs of dust, flecks of wrong glitter (1-2 pieces), polishing marks and so on. I always aim to have no flaws when possible, but there is a possibility to experience two-three of these small flaws. You will never have more than three of these flaws in an A grade pin.
B grade- Is a pin that will have minor flaws. These flaws could vary from drops of enamel in the wrong place, multiple bumps from dust settling, a wobbly post, underfill/overfill, large scratches, nicks, discolored plating  etc. Overall these are flaws that do not impact the intended look of the pin, but you can expect flaws somewhere in the pin.
Ultimately the grading is done by only me and I try to be as fair as I can in all grading measures. If you have any questions about my grading process feel free to send me an email and I’ll be happy to answer any questions!
*please note, all grading is based on the front of the pin design*
Q. How long do you take to ship an order after it was placed?
A. I live very close to my local post office so I try  to send packages out as soon as I receive them. However due to my regular job it is difficult to make it everyday. All orders will be shipped no later than 5 days after the order was placed.
*Special exceptions for while I am away for expos and traveling.*
Q. What if I place an order for a preorder and and In stock item?
A. Items that are ordered with a preorder item will not be shipped until the
preorder is completed. If you’d like the other item sooner. Please be sure to place separate orders to avoid waiting.
Q. How long does it take for a pin to be made?
A. It typically takes anywhere between 6-12 weeks for a pin to be completed once it is entered into production! Please note that this may vary and could be longer, if it is, I will make note of it and inform anyone who has a preorder with me.
Q. Do I ship international?
A. Yes! I will ship anywhere in the world! 
*Unfortunately at this time I am not shipping to the UK due to the change in VAT laws*
Q. Do you refund or exchange?
A. There will be no refunds or exchanges unless there is an actual problem with the product I sent you. All pins are graded before being sent, but some pins slip through the cracks as I am doing this all by myslef. If there is an issue, please email me with pictures and I will work with you to come up with a solution. 
Q. What do I do if my pin didn’t arrive?
A. Once the products leaves my hands and goes through the USPS, I do not have responsibility for it any longer. You can purchase insurance through the store checkout and this will help you with damaged or lost products.